Ghassan holds two citizenships, One is Bahraini and other is Saudi.

His first passion was martial arts, he spent 12 years learning many styles of martial arts but his favorite was kickboxing. He was introduced to weight training through martial arts to improve his power. After leaving from USA and moving back to Saudi in 1984, he opened the 1st licensed gym in Saudi and started teaching full contact kickboxing but at that time people in Saudi didn’t understand the concept of full contact kick boxing, So, he switched all his attention to bodybuilding.


He competed three times in the Saudi bodybuilding competition as a super heavy weight and placed 3rd in them all. Around1996, he sold his business in Saudi and moved to Bahrain because he was born here and had fond memories of his childhood in Bahrain and after coming to Bahrain, he opened Algosaibi gym and it is the best medium size gym in Bahrain. Around2002, he opened his second gym in Bahrain “Ghassans Gym” and so far it is the largest and best equipped gym in Bahrain


In 2013 and with not enough time to prepare he competed in the masters over 50 Mr. Asia competition and placed 7th. He is the only person over50 who ever competed from a gulf country